Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ghosttown 3Ds Max Plugin

Having a large amount of spare time now until October when I start my second year of university I intended to get stuck in with 3D work and learn the software inside and out to have a good head start when I went back. Whilst not being as motivated as I had hoped I have had time to look into a few things and brainstorm some possible future projects for when the time is right.

In particular I was interested in looking into plugins and extras for 3Ds Max that would help me produce things in a much more efficient manner, for instance, procedural generation addons.

Ghosttown is one of these. With a few button clicks you are able to produce a very nice city block complete with high poly facades and textures. All inbuilt into the program there is also a lot of room for editing where you can add your own textures as well as completely edit the generated model, as with any other in Max.

I only had a brief look at this, but I could see the potential for using it to make a simple backdrop for a scene in a shorter period of time or a fully detailed cityscape usable in a multitude of situations.

It is currently a work and progress with it being updated regularly and shows a great amount of promise. The latest test video shown by the creator displays the amount of flexibility and detail achievable from small amounts of fine-tuning along with the future inclusion of road generation.

I will hopefully be able to look at this more and gain a much better understanding of it over the next couple of months.

You can download Ghosttown 0.317 Lite Beta here to try out for yourself :

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