Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dojo Fight Scene

Late as this is, this is my finished piece for my final 2nd year university project, recreating the Matrix dojo fight scene.

From working on this I have a much better idea to focus on timing and weighting in my animation as it has a major effect on the whole animation.

Rig Used (Eleven Rig):

Back to Basics

Having taken a long break from any animation or work with any Autodesk software I decided to start with a few simple tasks to get back to grips with it.

This second walk cycle was also a bit of experimentation for my university research project looking at telling a narrative solely through body mechanics and facial expressions. The main focus was posture and body language trying to convey the sadness of the character.

For both of these I used the Alfred pre-rig that can be found here:

This quick ball bounce was to help me explore the squash/stretch principle and look at animation beads in Maya.