Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Artefact 2 - Hypothesis and Preview

Following on from my first artefact I am going to look at the conveyance of emotions when contextualized and whether this can have a greater effect on the audiences understanding.

Hypothesis: 'I believe that if you give context to a characters emotional reaction the emotion will be easier to recognize than without it.'

To test this theory my artefact will feature between 5-8 short animations featuring a character displaying an emotion in response to something. Each of these individual animations will be broken down into 3 duplicates: one featuring the character on its own; one having an object that the character reacts to; and the last one introducing a second character performing there own action that would trigger the original reaction from the main character.

My intention is to show these sets of 3 animations to a focus group pausing between each clip to ask what they believe the emotion to be, so I can gauge at what point the correct emotion becomes apparent.

A quick preview of an animation set to be used for this artefact:

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