Friday, 9 September 2011

Silo 3D

I recently tested out a software I'd found called Silo 3D. Looking at videos and examples of work produced using it, I downloaded a 30 day trial, which I used to produce a few basic character and environment models.
After playing around with the tools a bit I started to really enjoy using it because I found it very simple to make something quickly at my current level of 3D ability and was able to practice a couple of different techniques in character creation- specifically box modelling, which being something I had not tried, was very easy to get to grips with and I was amazed at the simplicity in which I could alter an entire section of a model using the 'soft selection' tool.
By practicing with this software i was also able to find out about a few issues that can occur in character modelling and methods used to avoid them such as using only 4-sided shapes (quads) on each face, making it easier for them to be altered. Non-manifold geometry was something that I came across after making an error on one of the sections of my character which caused large spikes to be produced when subdividing it, which acted as an indicator of where the issue is. With a short period of research I was able to discover the cause and fix it simply using a combination of tools on the software.

I understand that most 3D software share the same or similar tool sets that might just be named differently or have a slightly different purpose, however I found Silo 3D the easiest to use for what I wanted to do. 

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