Thursday, 16 February 2012

Virtual Environment Concept

 A post-apocalyptic environment after a freak disaster, e.g. Nuclear Holocaust, Meteor Strike, Virus, with my character being one of the few survivors. Has a future setting with destroyed environments, survival being key, where there is a mutated threat or tribal/ bandit groups threatening survivors. Tools and other equipment are made from combining equipment scoured from the wasteland with a level of devolution having taken place due to lack of power and modern day technology.

Crumbling structures that are overgrown and rusting with living residences being slum-like, made from scraps of different things, e.g. car parts used for it, sheets of corrugated steel for walls etc. Shells of transport like trains altered into living places,  or small communities created around suitable, safe locations - Subway/ sewers, remote buildings.

Limited power or lighting, natural fire light used in certain areas - bandit or aggressive faction.

Working vehicles that have been customized to survive the wasteland - armoured with weapons attached, spikes.

Overall hostile environment with natural dangers e.g. radiation, mutants. 

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