Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Filmmaking - The Finished Article

With my film finished it is time to reflect on how this project went and more importantly what went wrong.
Since starting this course I was never that keen on film as the field I would specialise in and after this project I believe that opinion remains. As much as I enjoy editing and seeing the final piece for me to admire, I always find the journey there tedious and a struggle that leaves me exhausted and glad afterwards that it's over, rather than being proud of what I have done. I like tweaking with details of the compiled footage to improve it and add the effects that make it complete, but in my personal experience, whenever a group film project has arisen, mainly involving filming equipment, I have found it to be disorganised and true to my opinion of film, however this could be more down to my own shortcomings rather than that of the film project in general.

But enough of ranting, time to evaluate what happened in detail...

Filmmaking- Beast of the Bench from Nick Rood on Vimeo.

When working on this project there were a few issues my group faced that meant compromises had to be made during the filming process. Aquiring actors was a key problem as all possible candidates were unavailable during our filming period meaning some of our group members had to step in to play the roles in our interview sequence.

Other unforeseen issues such as delays and illness caused problems on the day of filming meaning our window for shooting was closed substantially, requiring us to film on multiple days at different time periods. This had its own issue of the footage we collected having different lighting and colour tones that had to be resolved during editing using the colour balance tools.

Audio quality was a problem as there was a high quantity of background noise such as wind or vehicles in the distance as well as our actors audio levels changing noticeably when shooting from a second angle or at a different location. This was easy to fix however using some of the audio effects suring editing to reduce background noise and increase the volume of certain scenes.

When editing my scene I had difficulty because of the limitation on shot variety we had because of issues on the day of filming, however with the footage I had I believe I was able to produce a good final piece with some of the choices I made. In particular during the end of the flashback scene I chose to have an instant cut from the first person perspective of the 'beast' to our interviewee grabbing out as he describes what it was doing, as I found this a good way to finish after building the tension with the slow flashback with an atmospheric music track.

Overall I am pleased with my finished edit, however would have hoped to produce a higher quality piece of work for my first university project although I would still be keen to improve on it at a later date as, even though I am personally not interested in the film aspect of this course, I would still want to better my understanding and abilities in it for future use.

Now to get started on interaction.

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