Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Design Process

When working on a project I normally begin by researching relevant materials and looking at similar existing work followed by some preliminary sketches on the basic concept I want to achieve.
Following this I develop my original idea into further sketches exploring different routes I could take and continuing to look at the reference material I had gathered earlier incorporating elements I deem suitable into my own design.
After I have developed my idea into something I am pleased with I move on to produce a basic design on the relevant software, depending on the project. If necessary I will also consult any online tutorials for any useful techniques that could be utilized in the production of my work.
Once this is done I shall follow the same development steps I had taken during sketching, this time taking advantage of the software’s tools to further refine my work and keep improving on my original design.
Again after having a piece I am pleased with I go on to receive feedback from a number of sources, which I then take into account and incorporate to improve my work. I then repeat this stage of building on my work and receiving feedback until I produce my finished product.
One thing I find very important throughout my design process is taking regular breaks to allow me to clear my head and get a fresh perspective on my work when returning, meaning I can come up with several ideas on how to go about the same thing.

Usually when looking back at previous work, I do so to remember a certain process I took when creating something or to utilize a technique I had used previously in a way that will produce a different outcome.

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