Thursday, 27 October 2011

Filmmaking- Initial Ideas

Project Brief Idea 1

Interviewee keeps giving ridiculous explanations for how the woman's shoe was stolen e.g. aliens, an animal, etc, but still claims they know what happens after each is rejected by interviewer.

  1. Wants credit for aiding the investigation, but has no idea what actually happened.

-Interviewer becomes more skeptical as each explanation is given.

  1. Multiple Flashbacks

-Interviewer interrupts flashbacks, stating the fact the statement is silly.

-Flashbacks with interviewee's voiceover that follows what they are saying.

-Flashbacks different pace to normal scene with interview.

-Sudden elements are added to flashback as interviewee 'remembers' them.

Project Brief Idea 2

Interviewee keeps staring at the camera and smiling because of the attention making out they are successful and wealthy, whilst focusing more on them during the flashback rather than the woman.

  1. During flashback camera pans off of woman/ event being told, instead going to what the interviewee is doing.

-Camera more centered on interviewee.

  1. When talking, interviewee keeps glancing at the camera and smiling.

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