Thursday, 27 October 2011

Filmmaking- Initial Ideas Continued

Project Brief Idea 3

Interviewee speaks incoherently because of having a thick accent/being drunk/talking fast meaning the interviewer has a difficult time understanding what is being said causing the flashback scene to be confusing and disorganized as the interviewer catches small phrases or words of the conversation.

  1. Inspired by Hot Fuzz Incoherent Farmer Scene:

  1. Disorganized Flashback

-Interviewer pieces together a scene from what words and phrases he understands from the interviewees explanation.

  1. Mumbled speech with certain words said clearer to direct the flashback scene.

  1. Flashback scene through perspective of an onlooker rather than the interviewee to represent their statement not being understandable.
  1. Interviewers facial expressions convey his confusion towards the interviewee.

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