Thursday, 27 October 2011

Filmmaking- Research 1

Where's the Money Ronnie?

-Close-up camera shot for interviews.

-Top and bottom of heads cut off.

-No sound in flashbacks (spoken over or music).

-Different speeds for flashback (slightly faster paced than interview scenes most of the time).

-Interviewees not looking into the camera most of the time. Appears to be talking to 2 or 3 people with camera acting as one and the others sitting next to the camera, similar to an interview situation.

-Interviewer heard only briefly asking questions.

-Interviewers voice distant/not as clear/ muffled.

-Text graphic to introduce character

-Flashbacks filmed with handheld camera (shaky, fast paced). 

-Some sections with long shots or  mid shots with camera on tripod (shows scene/ setting/ multiple events).

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