Thursday, 13 October 2011

Short Film Plot- First Draft

First draft of the film plot from the film-making project.

After being confronted by a woman claiming to have had her shoe stolen while napping, a pair of police officers head to the scene of the crime, the Nottingham Arboretum, where they approach a passerby to interview them on their knowledge of the event.
Before getting chance to give her description of the events an (elderly/slightly crazy?) man interrupts approaching the police, retelling what he thinks happened on the day.
His tale speaks of a vicious beast with sharp teeth and a terrifying growl, a beast that had stole his own shoe earlier. (Camera looks down at mans shoes, both being there, for man to explain he put some others on). The man goes on to lament about his own personal problems and how he is terrorized by the creature whenever he visits the park, but is snapped out of going into a flashback by the interviewer who asks him to tell them what happened to the woman.
It enters into a flashback seen from the point of view of the ‘beast’ whilst the man explains what he saw, rummaging around in bins and sniffing along the ground as it slowly approaches the woman’s sleeping body and the shoe dangling off of her foot, ending just as it is about to grab the shoe.
After returning from the flashback the interviewer then asks for a description of the ‘beast’ to which the man replies: 1 foot tall, furry, makes a sort of barking sound when angry and has a collar saying- Rex? (Dog name).
The interviewer realizes the man has been talking about a dog the entire time and then asks the man if he knows it’s a dog, which he does and thinks it’s a horrible animal, as he has a fear of them.
The police leave the man standing there alone as he shouts to them to help him rid the place of the dog, before hearing a bark and running off screen.

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