Friday, 20 January 2012

Narrative and Authenticity Reflections

Having recently watched a video discussing narrative and the authentic self there were a few points that interested me when I considered them. One point stated was that of the two being connected by associated values in the sense of maintaining consistency through coherency and growth possibility. From this I gather that in the same way that a story has plot points or aspects that allow for further development of these ideas or twists in the story arc, ones description of their authentic self through narrative is used to show possibility and change the unordered chaos of life into a more logical order show development and progression.
Another point made by Father Tim Clancy in the discussion was the way we cast ourselves in a narrative has an effect on our esteem or emotions. Stating that bringing coherence to everyday events or activities can empower or dis-empower you depending on the genre in which they are told and what character within the story you play, be it the protagonist, antagonist, hero or victim. To me this reflects on how we see ourselves and the part we played in a particular narrative, effecting our emotions and the opinions of those around us.
Something I thought was related to the idea of esteem and others opinions was a point that they want to be individual, but not separate and stay within a community, making me think of popularity as well as wanting to stand out among the crowd and be unique.

Overall I found the discussion rather interesting in terms of how it approached the subject and the different arguments made for it and to some degree could understand the concept they were describing whilst not having a complete grasp of their ideology.

Narrative and Authenticy 11-16-09
by Gonzagau University

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  1. your discussion on self-esteem and its place are good and useful. Be interested to see it placed next to 'ego'