Friday, 27 January 2012

Typography Research

I also looked into types of fonts that would be suitable for use in my website.

Times New Roman
Courier New

The above fonts could all be used for the majority of the text used as they are all very simple and clear to read. Personally I would want a san-serif font for my site. The fonts above are all useable through Dreamweaver and I believe are standard fonts used on the web, making it simpler to apply them without having to produce a graphic that contains the font.

Dimitri Swank
Segoe Script

For my header text however I would prefer something much more stylized that gives the page a visual appeal. The above examples are just a few styles that might be useable, having both handwritten designs along with vector graphic style text. The issue with using these however would be both that I would be required to make a image for a header rather than typing the text because of the compatibility issues as well as it defining a style for the page I must adhere to.

Another reason I would consider using an image graphic made in Photoshop rather than typing in the text would be the amount of modifying I can do to it. Whilst it is possible to adjust the majority of the details in Dreamweaver it is still rather limited in the positioning of the text and the page and the vertical spacing of each word. An example below I made in Photoshop captures the style I want to use on my website and was simple to make by using the variety of text editing tools and freedom to move it wherever within the page. As long as the image matched the dimensions of the header itself it was simple to move the text into a position where it would be placed correctly on the actually webpage.

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